Provision of temporary staff

Provision of temporary staff

We offer sertified skilled and experienced labour. The target of our services are companies who need specialized labour on short notice or for a limited period, if personnel needs to be hired quickly or there is a lack of sertified specialists.

We offer the following specialists:

car mechanic;
car painter;
car electrician;
carpenter for buildings and furniture;
lift and tractor driver;
truck driver in Estonia and for the international routes.

In our database we hold sertificates and diplomas to prove the qualification of our workers, as well as information on the proven experience in offering services named above. The quality of the services is quaranteed by a thorougly tested and wide network of partners.

The basis of every cooperation is a real partnership. We offer our cooperation partners reliable, competent and experienced specialists in various fields. We bring you together with the suitable persons. We will create a good team together, if necessary, that helps you to achieve your goals and develop your business exactly in the way like you wish it to be. Our goal is to achieve an excellent and measurable result for all the stakeholders related to BDT.